Lou's Own SS Signature Series Muffler
At Lou's we are constantly looking for new products and better material to offer to our customers. In 2006, we developed our new Signature Series mufflers - a new innovative line of mufflers developed for our performance customers.

Two Chamber High Performance
With 40 years of experience installing muffler systems, we determined that we could create a better muffler using our own design and manufacturing process. The 2-Chamber SS muffler was designed for our customer interested in performance gains and well as an aggressive deep tone. This was accomplished by increasing the internal flow diameter and using thicker 14-gauge aluminized material (industry standard is thinner 16-gauge). The result is our most aggressive sounding performance muffler.

SS 409 Pro Turbo Stainless Mufflers
Classic car enthusiasts have continuously asked for a deep performance tone muffler without the loud resonance in the vehicle created by many of the highly advertised mufflers on the market. We took the challenge to create a muffler that increased horsepower and at the same time produced a low deeper tone. The SS 409 Pro Turbo stainless muffler has become so popular we have added additional designs to this popular design. The SS 409 Pro Turbo is now available in a Truck Pro Turbo, Import Pro Turbo, Dual Muscle Car Pro Turbo, Dual Truck Turbo as well as the original Classic Car SS 409.

Flowmaster has been the industry favorite for years. For our customers that live by the Flowmaster sound and name, we carry a full line of Flowmaster mufflers for any application.

40 Series
Available in Original Delta Flow and Super 40. Flowmaster's most aggressive muffler line. We carry both single and dual applications. This two chamber design incorporates Flowmasters patented "Delta Flow" technology. The "Delta" deflectors result in increased scavenging for better performance and reduced interior resonance over the standard 40 series with a nice growl outside the vehicle. Sounds great on late model performance cars with catalytic converters. Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel and fully mig-welded for maximum durability.

50 Series
3-Chambered Design. Available in the regular 50 Series as well as the 50 Series SUV. The 50 Series is less aggressive than the 40 Series while still creating the great Flowmaster sound. The 50 SUV muffler reduces internal resonance created by performance mufflers. A great application for customers who spend a lot of their driving time on the highway.

This is the latest design of the 50 series muffler that utilizes Flowmasters patented "Delta Flow" technology along with an Helmholtz Chamber to eliminate most all interior resonance and still have that famous Flowmaster sound outside the vehicle. Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel and fully mig-welded for maximum durability.

Big Block
Flowmaster's answer to high displacement engines.

60 Series
Flowmaster's answer to the import craze. Designed for both foreign and american cars with 4 and 6 cylinder engines. The 60 Series incorporates Flowmasters patented "Delta Flow" technology to produce a nice mellow sound for your sport compact car & Truck. A larger diameter tailpipe will create a deeper tone
both inside and outside the vehicle. Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel and fully mig-welded for maximum durability.

80 Series
Traverse style muffler commonly used on Camaro style exhaust applications. The 80 Series is designed for applications where the muffler must be mounted transversely (cross-flow) behind the rearend. It provides an aggressive muscle car sound both inside and outside the vehicle. A replacement for early and late model Camaros & Firebirds. Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel and fully mig-welded for maximum durability.


Another industry favorite built in stainless steel with a straight through design. Magnaflow mufflers are popular with our customer with 4- and 6-cylinder vehicles. They also offer the largest muffler for customers with 8-cylinder engines that are interested in performance and increased gas mileage with a softer tone.

Satin Stainless
MagnaFlow Wide Open Performance original designs in long- lasting satin stainless steel in a variety of universal applications for cars, trucks and SUV's.

Stainless Steel
MagnaFlow Wide Open Performance is now available in Polished Stainless Steel. The new muffler features stainless steel body, end caps and perforated core as well as a stainless steel weld bead.

Street Series
The Street Series is designed for the souped up street machine. It features a high flow tuning tube, balanced to the needs of the high revving import engine. The Street Series emits a smooth, deep tone while offering improved performance over OEM equipment. The Street Series is recommended for street cars with bolt-on performance modifications and custom body kits.

Race Series
The Race Series is designed for the ultimate in high performance and an aggressive racecar sound. It features a true straight-through design for maximum high RPM pulling power and a 2.5" or 3" perforated core to virtually eliminate backpressure and maximize exhaust flow. The Race Series is recommended for the serious racer, turbo, nitrous oxide fuel systems, or wild cam applications.

XL Turbo
MagnaFlow XL 3 Chamber Mufflers use a unique combination of large diameter perforated tubing and strategically placed sound baffles to reduce unwanted resonance and help your engine create horsepower. The sound baffles tune the sound waves using calibrated tuning gate openings that allow portions of the waves to pass through. These tuned waves reflect off the back wall of the muffler and cancel out unwanted harsher sounds. The large diameter perforated core eliminates the flow restrictions of a louvered style core. A careful balance between perforation size/spacing and the baffle tuning gate make for a great 3 chamber performance muffler.